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Octopus by Mitra 4′ x 5′



First Friday,

The Unexpected Art Gallery
734 W Polk Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Multitasking, nurturing children, seeing by touching, creating approaches to adjust to the environment, resolving issues on a daily basis, teaching and learning are similar attributes that octopus, the master cephalopod wisdom of deep waters share with human beings.

“Octopus is just like a human mother as her goal is to protect her offspring till death!”

Octopus is a master of illusion who can be invisible, camelflauge and adapt to its environment. With its beak like parrot, ink like Chinese sumi ink, it can reorient its predetors to rescue her life. Unlike Icelanders hafgufa scary legends and unlike what Jules Verne’s 1870 French sci-fi novelist write in “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” ,Octopuses are not destructive and have minds similar to human beings.

White is octopus color when she is in peace, red is octopus color when excited, clear and translucent is when she wants to be invisible!


Mime, body and soul (harlequin) 48″ x 60″


It’s a shield, a weapon, an identity, a cover, a friend, a hero, a role in the acting stage of life. It is borderless, religionless, genderless and goes above and beyond social economic status, free to everyone and used by all, OUR DAILY MASK!

“Stories are how we organize our thoughts and experiences and how we share them with others. Community developers and teachers can work with public artists to help students tell their stories:  art can act to build solidarity/alliances and can be a prelude to community action.”  Hustedde, R. J., 1998, “On the soul of community development”, Journal of the Community Development Society Journal, 29:2, pp.153-165.



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