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Mitra Kamali, a fine artist and petroleum engineer of Persian heritage, shares her artistic vision of life through paintings that speak from a timeless world view. Mitra has accepted to join the Iranian American Society of Arizona (IASAZ) team, as the Vice-President, and Curator in charge of Artistic Direction and Community Development.

Mitra believes knowledge fuels understanding and creativity. In her most recent series ‘Dance of Life’, Mitra unfolds ancient alchemy, by developing techniques that deftly engineer artistry, expressing her visions of a mystifying world. The technical affects produce stunning imagery by firing temperatures which create an enamel like medium that when applied to mixed media surfaces of canvas; wood, metal and paper. Mitra believes that creating art enhances self-realization and opens the mind to view the inner and outer world through the eyes of symbolism. “A flexible mind is a tolerable mind without boundaries – it brings love, peace, knowledge, kindness, tolerance and a happier existence.” Mitra Kamali, 2016 Mitra offers specialized workshops and is engaged in ongoing community and international projects including those of the Cultural Arts Coalition.

Cultural Diversity Through
The Arts and Humanities
The Marguerite Ross Barnett Award

AZPCC ARTIST SHOW | Arizona Persian Cultural Center | Curator Mitra kamali

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